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At Sweet Nectar, we believe that ​information and support go hand in hand. ​We don't just offer support for ​breastfeeding parents; we offer all forms of ​infant feeding support. All new families can ​benefit from our one-on-one consultations. ​Sweet Nectar is here to offer a safe space to ​discuss and develop a unique plan, helping ​you achieve your feeding goals. Infant ​feeding is a journey, not a destination, and ​we’re happy to meet you along the way.

Click HERE to sign up for our Prenatal ​Breastfeeding Class before baby arrives.

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It’s a Joy to Support You on this Journey.

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Your foundation before baby arrives.

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A personalized, one-on-one, visit to discuss your feeding goals and answer any questions personally relating to you..

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A one-on-one ​consultation for ​exclusively bottle ​feeding babies.

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A one-on-one consultation, helping you reach your feeding goals.

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Get fitted for correct flange size, learn your pump, develop a sustainable pumping plan.

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A virtual one-on-one consultation; breastfeeding or bottle feeding.

All consultation services are available as Home Visits by request.

Please email sarah@sweetnectarlactation.com to request your Home Visit.

Sarah Kent

Meet ​me

Wife, mother, and lactation consultant weaving a life rich in compassion. From ​tender moments at home to guiding new moms intimately through breastfeeding, I ​find joy in the beautiful chaos of nurturing connections.

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